Bianca 19

First Impressions

Bianca 19´s eyes are amazing. They´re big and blue and they are full of innocence. They are the centerpiece of her beauty and they make her seem like such a sweetheart that it´s a delicious delight when she starts taking her clothes off and showing us her hot tits and ass. You can see all of those things on the tour and I encourage you to do so if you´re at all curious about the gorgeous gal. I look forward to seeing more of her inside, especially the gallery where she poses in a gorgeous satin blouse.

Hot Promises

As soon as you hit the tour Bianca drops the promises on you: weekly updates, exclusive pictures and videos and high quality content. Those are all pretty vague actually so you have to dig a little deeper for the more meaningful stuff. This is Bianca´s first site and she´s excited about showing off for us. That´s nice, isn´t it´As far as I can tell the galleries and videos include lots of topless action and they might include pussy shots but I can´t quite tell. By all accounts this is like a lot of solo tease sites; nothing wrong with that though.


Beautiful Bianca is a titillating sweetheart and her member´s area looks good, although the main page is weighed down by ads. I count 12 on the main page and while they´re small and non-invasive there are more ads than there are pictures of Bianca, which is something else. The galling part is that most of those ads are for sites that the people behind Bianca 19 run and they refuse to give you access to any of them as bonus content. We´ll talk more about that later though.

The latest picture and video updates are highlighted on the main page and they tease upcoming additions to the picture collection as well. It´s nice to see that Bianca is still updating once a week but to be honest for $34.95/month we should really be getting more than one picture set a week. If you do the math on that it works out to something like $7 per image set and that´s way too much. The videos haven´t been updated in October 2008, which is more than six months ago.

I dove into the picture galleries first and found them organized by month. It´s a little dismaying to see that the site was launched in October 2008, which means that videos haven´t been added since they went live. Anyway, you just have to click on a month and the image sets added during that 28-31 day period will pop up. There´s a small preview picture for each and they´re a little too small to get a good idea of what goes down in the solo teen posing scene but it´s just a matter of a click so use that mouse button to begin exploring the wonders of the young and beautiful female named Bianca 19.

There are 20 thumbnails per page and they use a Flash browsing system where the images pop up in an overlay and the background goes dark. It´s not a bad way of doing things but it means that you can´t download any individual images. You´ll have to grab the entire zip file if you want to save any of these shots on your hard drive. Most galleries have 50-100 shots and the one thing they all have in common is half-naked pictures of the beautiful young blonde teasing with her hot body. Some of the photos are a little blurry, which was disappointing. There´s really no excuse for that when you´re working digital. You should be deleting anything that looks blurry or you shouldn´t be posting it.

Bianca 19 is a typical teasing teenager and I don´t mean that in a bad way. She poses in lots of cute outfits and does slow and sensual stripteases from them. I haven´t seen a picture of her young pussy yet but I´ve seen her breasts in every gallery. They´re small and cute and perky and her nipples look delicious. She looks incredibly young too. It´s not the kind of thing that will make you feel dirty but she is awfully youthful. Innocence is something she does well, especially when she´s fully dressed. That´s all part of the charm though. When the innocent babe starts taking her clothes off and attempting to seduce you it´s a whole lot naughtier.

It would be fair to say that Bianca does little to separate herself from the rest of the solo teen teasers out there. That´s not necessarily detrimental but if you´re looking for something different then you need to look elsewhere. If you really respond to her good looks and you want to see more than her site will deliver, although it would be nice if there were more than 46 galleries since she´s asking $34.95 for a month´s membership. There are some real gems in the collection though. My two favorites are ones where she breaks out of the typical cute teen look. In one she´s wearing an elegant satin blouse that reminds me of a secretarial look. In another she´s wearing a sexy kitty lingerie set that comes with ears, a soft choker and little wrist gloves.

There are four videos and while they´re entertaining there aren´t nearly enough of them to make a dent. You´ll be done with them in less than half an hour and that just doesn´t get the job done. They can be downloaded in WMV or QuickTime format and they only offer one screen capture for each. In one we see her dancing around the living room. In another she´s rolling around in bed looking hot. She´s getting dressed in a third and in the fourth she´s in the bathtub rubbing her legs with something gooey. They´re not bad but there are so few that they don´t really even matter.

Cost is going to be a consideration for most of you when subscribing to an adult site and at $34.95/month Bianca 19 is not a great deal. That gets you 46 galleries and 4 videos and that´s a small collection. If there were bonus sites it would seem like a pretty good price but they don´t offer any even though the company that runs Bianca´s site has a whole bunch available to you. They advertise several of them when you´re browsing the site!

Croco’s Opinion

Bianca 19 feels like an incomplete site. They´re off to a really good start but there isn´t enough content to keep you around for more than a month. Even then you´re probably going to feel like you didn´t get your money´s worth. 46 galleries and 4 movies with 4-5 new galleries a month isn´t much. There´s no bonus content and at $34.95/month it feels like a hefty price to pay for a rather limited amount of content. Bianca is a real cute girl though and it´s not hard to see why someone would want to spend a whole lot of time with her. She´s got a great body, a sweet innocence and she likes to show us her tits. Those are all the things a man loves in a solo teasing babe. More content is what´s needed to make the site great.


Navigating the site is easy but the videos are a pain because there are no screen captures. You get one small picture to inform you as to what goes down.

Pricing Policy

$34.95 for 30 days and $69.95 for 90 days.

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